Construction contracting

Construction contracting

Kaurits specializes in executing environmental and infrastructure construction projects as a contractor.

The company has gained extensive experience in the field of earthmoving and excavation over a long period of time. The team of the company has carried out works with their own equipment on large-scale road and infrastructure construction sites. The share of construction work has been increasing year by year. Today, the company that started as a machinery rental focuses mainly on construction contracting (general contracting, subcontracting).

Excavation works

In case of high volume and large-scale earthworks with tight deadlines, Kaurits is definitely one of the first partners to consider for the job. Our machine fleet is ideal for large-scale excavation work.

Kaurits is one of the most important contractors in Estonia when it comes to breaking and excavating of limestone. Kaurits has carried out large-scale and complex rock breaking and excavation works on the following objects: Construction of the left turn tunnel of Ülemiste Business Center (Ülemiste traffic junction), construction of a pit at the Peterburi mnt 2 business center (T1 Mall of Tallinn), construction of limestone pits and ditches at Jüri-Kurna traffic junction, construction of limestone pits at the airport tramway. Limestone pit and crushed stone production at Tallink Tennis Center. As for on-going projects, we could highlight the earthmoving work for the construction of the Balticconnector gas pipeline.

Kaurits also has an experience in the agricultural construction, constructing liquid manure storage facilities (lagoons). We have performed earthmoving works on the following objects: Construction of Mangen PM OÜ Koksvere dairy farm complex (including construction of pipelines), construction of Palu cattle farm in Sargvere, Taikse silo storage, Sadala silo storage, construction of Juuru and Kantküla lagoons.

Road construction

Kaurits has worked as a subcontractor at large road construction sites such as the reconstruction of the Liiapeksi-Loobu section of the Tallinn-Narva road and the construction of the Loo-Maardu road section (construction of the collector road), reconstruction work of the Juuliku junction at Tallinn Ring Road T11.

On civil construction worksites we offer earthmoving works (excavation, filling works), construction of foundations (construction of foundation bases), construction of underground communications, construction of road structures (construction of base layers and asphalt works), stone works (installation of stone pavement and curbs), traffic management and landscaping.

Larger construction works on civil construction worksites include the construction of Tondiraba Ice Arena in Tallinn, construction of Maxima Logistics Center in Rae parish, Tallink Tennis Center in Lasnamäe, Ramirent Logistics Center (general contractor), Tallinn Airport Parking House.

Construction of forest roads by Kaurits include: First stage of roads construction at RMK Defense Forces central polygon practice fields, construction of Defense Forces’ Sirgala practice fields roads (all works were performed by Kaurits), reconstruction of RMK Metsamäe Road and Ranna Road in Matsalu (all works were performed by Kaurits), reconstruction of RMK Vanatrassi Road.

Environmental construction

Kaurits is active in the following areas of environmental construction: removal of residual soil contamination, closure of landfills, improvement of the living environment of water bodies (hydraulic engineering, construction of fish passes, lake rehabilitation, removal of dams). Our most important works include closure of ash hills in Kiviõli, closure of Torma landfill, rehabilitation of Kambja lake, the design and construction works of Vedelä fish pass, the construction of the fish pass at Pajuveski dam lake. One of the ongoing projects is the liquidation of residual pollution in the Kroodi creek in Maardu.

Harbour construction

In the field of harbour construction, we would like to highlight the following works: Construction works at the Port of Sillamäe, construction of the territory of Paldiski South Harbour at the back of dock No. 6 (general contractor), reconstruction of Laaksaare Harbour (earthworks, construction of a pier, construction of shore reinforcements), stage I reconstruction works of Kaberneeme Harbour, construction works of Karepa Harbour.

See the illustrated overview of the reference objects carried out by Kaurits in section Projects.