Heavy machinery repair, maintenance and sale

Heavy machinery repair and maintenance

Kaurits continuously contributes to the maintenance of the machinery fleet. A well-maintained machine reduces unexpected downtime and is ultimately more cost efficient for everyone. Our technicians are thoroughly trained and able to solve most problems independently and promptly. For many years, we have carried out the maintenance of Doosan machinery throughout Estonia. As a sign of quality, we have been given the right to carry out warranty period maintenance by all trademark representatives of our machinery.

We also offer heavy machinery repair and maintenance as a service. Kaurits has an experienced repair department at Saula facility. We are able to perform most of the repair works on the machinery by our own ressources. Since we purchase the majority of necessary spare parts through direct channels, we can get the work done faster and often at more attractive prices than the brand dealerships.

Sale of equipment, accessories and spare parts

We supply spare parts for heavy equipment of different brands from European warehouses swiftly and usually at lower prices than brand dealerships.

Kaurits is a dealer of MSB Corporation hydraulic hammers and accessories (pulverizers, shredders) in Estonia.

Sale of used heavy machinery

As we constantly update our machinery fleet, we change our equipment on a regular basis. When buying a used machine from us you can be sure that you get a properly maintained and prudently maintained machine with controlled history.